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Tartu 2024 - "Kissing Tartu"


Educational Program

The University of Tartu Youth Academy is participating in a project called "First Kiss" with international partners from Denmark, Malta and Czech Republic.

"First Kiss" is an international education programme for young people which is a part of the "Kissing Tartu" project, one of the flagship projects of the European Culture Capital of Tartu 2024. The educational program "First Kiss" aims to broaden the worldview of young individuals and enhance awareness regarding sexual health and safety through quiz and VR-platform. 

The project is supported by Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps Agency from the Erasmus+ program.


E-quiz "Kissing Tartu"


E-quiz „Kissing Tartu“

The educational programme consists of an e-quiz "Kissing Tartu" which was organized by The University of Tartu Youth Academy. The e-quiz addressed the topic of human health, including sexual education, consent, and being a human in the diverse world we live in. The e-quiz will give insight into facts surrounding health and sexual education. 

From February 14th, the platform will be open to the public and available for everyone on the quiz site training ground.


A moment of the VR-experience "Emotions of Love"

Virtualreality experience "Emotions of Love" 



The educational programme also entails the virtual reality VR-experience “Emotions of Love”, produced by Maru VR Productions. The narrative takes them a journey of first love: from falling in love to falling out of love, and ultimately finding oneself. The VR experience will prompt questions to discuss with a close friend or a confidant and express feelings otherwise not talked about.  

VR-experience is available for download from 14th of February. 

Download here

If desired, you can arrange a visit to The University of Tartu Youth Academy with your student group to experience and engage with the VR in our facilities (Uppsala 10, Tartu).


A student is writing.

Research paper competition "Human and Sexuality" 

The University of Tartu Youth Academy, in collaboration with the Estonian Research Council, is organizing a research paper competition on the topic of "Human and Sexuality." Submissions are accepted until February 20th. Winners of the competition will receive financial prizes and will be invited to attend the international conference "First Kiss," scheduled to take place on May 17th at the Estonian National Museum.


  • High school level – I place 700€ (supervisor 500€); II place 400€; 
  • Basic school level – I place 600€ (supervisor 400€); II place 300€. 

The research should be submitted to Estonian Research Council. Read more from their website.   


Students at a conference.

International conference "First Kiss" 

The international conference “First Kiss” takes place in Tartu on the 17th of May at the National Museum of Estonia. During the conference, various best practices were shared among teachers and youth workers to promote ideas that could be utilized in their day-to-day work in health education-related fields. 

The conference will be conducted in both Estonian and English and will be streamed internationally.